Arc1 Chapter-1 (Part-1)

The Counterattack Plan of A Villain With Ten Thousand Fans

On a rugged mountain road, with a loud noise of the engine, a latest stylish red-colored sports car turned out from the corner of the road, and behind it, a black business car who was chasing it, at a very fast speed. 

It was obvious that a straight-up Formula1 car racing scene was going here.

Seeing that it was approaching the top of the mountain, the black car sped up even more. The red sports car seemed to be incapable, and its speed was getting slower.

The business car speeds up again when it turns to bend another corner.


There was a loud noise when the two cars collided, and the red sports car suddenly fell from the cliff without any resistance.

At the same time, the business car which was suspended in the air started to crumble slowly.

Just as the business car was about to fall, the door was slammed open halfway, and a person jumped out of the gap and rolled up two times on the ground and stood up steadily.

The business car was finally out of balance and rolled down the cliff.

A black-faced boy with no expression swept a look at the raging fire under the cliff, and with a cold voice, he asked.

“Is this the pure campus love story you told me about?”

“Yes, the point you came to is the time before the plot begins, when the villain just hits the main lead’s car down the cliff.” A voice came into his mind.

“Then the male lead lost his memory?” The young man rubbed his eyebrow in a somewhat tired manner.

“There is no amnesia, and there are still thirty minutes before the male lead will recover his consciousness.”

This is the first task given to Ling ChuNan, as stated by system 098, a campus love story.

The male lead was handsome and rich, and the female lead in the story is a typical Cinderella.

In the story, she crossed paths with a gentle and considerate male lead, a wicked villain, and a snobbish parent. Then at last those two got their happily ever after.

After receiving the plot, Ling ChuNan frowned his eyebrows.

“So I am the villain who died in the end. How can you call it a successful counterattack?”

098 spoke a little lighter, “Because this is the first task of the host, so the host only needs to live peacefully until the end of the plot, then the counterattack will be considered successful.”

“I get it.” Ling ChuNan nodded. 

“I remember that when the plot started, the male lead and the villain didn’t know each other?” 

The villain inexplicably wanted the other side to die, because the color of the male lead’s car made him unhappy.

What an interesting villain. Ling ChuNan’s face showed a rare smile.

At the beginning of this year, ChuNan’s debuted.

With his unparalleled looks and extraordinary acting skills, at the age of twenty, he won the position of the most imposing figure in the country.

Ling ChuNan was proud of his career, and he thought that he would have a good life now. 

He had already planned to retreat from the entertainment circle when he would turn 30 years old. He would like to find a lover to spend his life together with.

But what he didn’t know was that when he would be at a celebratory party of his latest award win, he was going to be splashed with sulfuric acid.

He was a handsome man with a successful career. But after this incident, everything got changed.

When Ling ChuNan wanted to understand his situation, he was already being imprisoned by his agent. The reason for it was quite ridiculous. It was because he had become ugly and desecrated his agent’s love.

Without any water and food, Ling ChuNan lived in the darkroom for a whole two months before he died of hunger.

But he was not starved to death but was killed by himself.

Because of his acting, Ling ChuNan had learned the distribution of human muscles and blood. He was an extremely intelligent student and had a very good body. He had muscles in every part of the body, and his blood vessels were all very strong.

He knew where the knife cut would be fatal and where he would be able to cut a piece of meat without much blood loss.

So he slowly started to eat himself, little by little. 

In the end, he had eaten all the meat on his body, only his waist was left.

When ChuNan died, except for the right hand that helped him to cut the muscle and eat, the rest of his body was long being directed by him. His right hand was holding a fresh kidney when he died.

He really didn’t know what others would think of him when they saw how he died. ChuNan regretted that he wasn’t able to eat that kidney before he died.

If he knew, he would have picked the other one.

With a coveted look, ChuNan looked at his complete body and couldn’t help but slowly lift his arms.

“Host, there are still twenty-five minutes for the male lead to waking up.”

With some pity, Ling ChuNan put his arm down, and his expression was somewhat wronged.

“I want to eat meat.”

098 was speechless, “…”

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