Chapter-3 Egg custard (Part-2)

The Transmigrated Li Jin’s Daily Farming Life

In this world, the sexes of the brothers lied somewhere between men and women. 

Brothers neither have the strong body of a man, nor they have the soft figure of a woman.

It was difficult for the brother to conceive a baby, and it was even more difficult to have a child.

That’s why if a family has a brother, he would be taken to the town to be sold.

Li Jin’s village was a village with mixed  surnames, but still the Li Daniu’s Li family was in majority.

They had cultivated the land and raised some chickens and ducks. They were able to feed their family every year with their harvest, not to mention that these people occasionally go for hunting in the mountains.

Li’s were the largest family, so they were considered the richest in the village.

Those people in the village became wealthy, married wives and raised babies, and learned many things from outsiders.

As the saying goes, you could not only learn good things but learn the bad things too.

Like, taking a concubine.

As the Li family wealth grew, they wanted to marry more than just one person as a wife and put them all together at their home.

But the girls are not willing to marry someone in the village as a concubine? So these people went to the town and purchased those sold brothers for themselves.

Anyway, if you turned off the light at night, they all felt the same.

There were seven or eight brothers who were brought back to the village as concubines.

When those young people came to the village, they became quite envious of Li Jin’s wife. After all, they were all taken as concubines, but only he was married as a wife.

But Li Jin did not work and lived life as a drunk. Slowly, those people only have pity for Li Jin’s wife.

After he got married to a brother, Li Jin didn’t even ask the name of his wife. Every time he called him, he would call him as ****.

Till now even after becoming a father Li Jin, that bastard still didn’t know his wife’s name.

Those few brothers who pitied Li Jin’s wife would not mention his name while communicating with him.

Brothers were sold quite early, and they were not particularly looked after by their parents in their home, so they were not named at all.

Mostly, they were named as Little One or Little Two according to the ranking at their home.

The boy in the delivery room with a red mole said, “I thought that Li Jin was not a human at all, and he didn’t care about you or the child. But I didn’t expect that not only he had prepared an egg custard but also a chicken soup for you.”

“Li Jin didn’t seem like a jerk. When my husband’s wife was giving birth, my husband only looked at her and asked whether it was a boy or girl, and then left. He would never worry about whether she had eaten or not. Drink this soup.”

The young man who was lying on the bed was named Qin MuWen. He quietly listened to those words but said nothing.

He felt like he was going to die from the pain. He was having pain for a day before he waited for his husband to come back and help him.

In the end, he could only go out, and desperately beg those people chatting on the side of the road to let his brothers come and help him deliver.

None of these brothers had given birth to any children yet. Seeing Qin MuWen like this, they could do nothing but sob.

Qin MuWen was starving to death, but he didn’t know who he should ask to help him and make something for him to eat.

Qin MuWen felt that it was okay even if he died at this time.

It was just that the child in his stomach was very poor, and he would be gone before he saw the world…

Qin MuWen was actually not a person who would easily gave up, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to endure Li Jin’s **** behaviour for so long. He even worked very hard to protect the child in his stomach.

When Li Jin was drunk, he would come back and hit him.

In the beginning, Qin MuWen almost had a miscarriage several times, but in the end he was still able to keep this child. He and this child were both hard and persistent.

Qin MuWen was starving to death, but he couldn’t ask those brothers because they weren’t close. 

He really didn’t know how to explain but these brothers came to help him, it already was more than enough.

Until, Li Jin knocked on the door and brought a bowl of egg custard for him.

The freshness of the soy sauce and the fragrance of eggs were perfectly blended together in that egg custard. 

Qin MuWen half leaned against the head of the bed and finished eating it bit by bit.

The boy who had been crying for a long time said, “Li Jin is actually not that bad. Didn’t he wait outside the door for a long time? Maybe he was worried that the egg custard was not hot so he kept holding it with his bare hands. When I brought it over, I found his hands were scalded.”

Qin MuWen stared at the young man blankly, he could not imagine that was something Li Jin would do for him.

Li Jin…Qin MuWen closed his eyes while thinking about him. 

That man was obsessed with his body when he first married him. Later, he disliked his identity as a brother and always embarrassed him in front of the village.

He really didn’t have any expectations from Li Jin.

Qin MuWen thought that if he could survive this pain, he must raise his children very well.

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