Curing The Blackened Ex-Husband [CBEH]

Author: Zhao Jue History
Genre: Modern
Tags: BG
Total chapters: 98 Chapters
Translator: nimi


Ling Zhen was a fairy, who had transmigrated and became cannon fodder in a dog-blood book.

This cannon fodder first had plastic surgery for the male lead and then divorced her husband. Later, her ex-husband became a big villain in the book.

And she, because of this divorce angered the only relative of her husband was finally retaliated by him. Finally, she had died in a mental hospital ward.

Fortunately! She came in time, and the boss has yet to be blackened.

So Ling Zhen picked the role of becoming a healing little fairy who sang sweet songs and hugged her husband lovingly while cooking.

She worked hard to appease his violent mood, change his paranoid thoughts, and reform his antisocial behavior. 

She had finally transformed a black villain into a nice young man with a timid temperament and an optimistic attitude.

After that Ling Zhen finally dared to leave, so he took out the divorce letter. Unexpectedly, the very second the world changed color, and the superficially good villain blackened in an instant.

Ling Zhen was frightened and said, “What is wrong with you?”

Wei Xi suppressed his disguised smile, and with eyes filled with real madness said, “Just stay with me, don’t try to run.”

Wei Xi was sick, he had long known that he was miserable, paranoid, and possessive. His little fairy had always thought that she had cured him.

But, it was not the case. 

After possessing her, his sickness became heavier.

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