I (Imperial) Am This Type of Man [IATTM]

Author: Chunxi Di Xiao
Genre: BL, Romance
Total Chapters: 213 Chapters
Translator: amuu


The system self-advertised himself with great enthusiasm and said, “Do you want to live? Do you want to recover from your sickness? Do you want to change your fate? You only need 998 points to redeem a package that has been guaranteed to cure all the diseases and strengthen the body! You don’t need 2400 points, or you don’t need 1200 points. You only going to need 998 points. Welcome to the king of the dead system!”

Ji JinRong unhurriedly replied, “This name of yours does not sound very auspicious to me.”

System snorted and said, “You don’t have to pay attention to these details.”

Ji JinRong had killed all his brothers. At the age of thirteen, he dragged his sick body to the throne and worked arduously as a puppet emperor in the hands of the courtiers and eunuchs.

Everyone said that the great general Wei TingJun had wild ambitions, and was intentionally revolting against the monarch.

However, Ji JinRong always had felt that Wei TingJun was not gazing at the throne but at him, who was sitting on the throne!

Ji JinRong carefully tempted him and said, “If I die then you can be the next emperor.”

Wei TingJun looked at him and answered, “If you dare to die, then I’ll have everyone buried with you!”

Ji JinRong got speechless.

See, it wasn’t some misconception.

So even if he had to tied on the head of the wolf, he would live well.

Ji JinRong said, “It’s getting cold, its time to ruin the country. I (imperial) have to go back and look for the great general to tie him!”

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