LRWML: Chapter-5

PREV | CONTENT | NEXT The Jian family was the top of the four imperial giants in the capital. Therefore, the news that the master of the Jian family had almost passed away shook the whole country. “If it wasn’t for Xiao Shen, you wouldn’t be able to see the old man at this time.” …

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XX: Chapter-3

PREV | CONTENT | NEXT After her mother found out about Li Huai’s death, she vomited blood and suddenly her condition worsened. Before collapsing her mother called out Li Chao Ge and asked her about Li Huai’s rebellion. What could Li Chao Ge do?  There was no retreat at that point. She could only move …

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SBIV: Chapter-3

PREV | CONTENT | NEXT In the book, when Nangong Xuan was regarded as worthless and was being bullied by the Nangong family, only a little girl had helped him.  When Dongfang Li retired from the marriage contract with Nangong Xuan, he was severely humiliated by Dongfang Li’s admirers.  The young girl, Yun Gui fought …

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