Obsessed With Loving You [OWLY]

Author: Lu Wish
Genre: Modern
Tags: BG
Total chapters: 77 Chapters
Translator: amuu


Xu Ting was forced by her parents to replace Xu Sheng to marry a blind and lame old man. The old man was known for his weird quirks and bad mood.

Xu Ting was sitting uneasily on the bed and waiting for the old man, on her first night.

After waiting for a long time, the door was finally pushed open, Xu Ting mentally prepared herself.

But, when she slowly opened her eyes, she saw a man with deep eyebrows, a high nose, and a well-defined jawline was sitting in a wheelchair.

Xu Ting unconsciously blurted out, “Brother.”

Thinking that she had to marry an old man she felt pitiful, but looking at her husband who was her brother whom she had unrequitedly loves for eleven years, she was shocked.

After marriage, Xu Ting obeyed Shen Yan Li’s every word. She served him tea, cooked for him, and fearing that he would be in a bad mood she pushed him to the sun. Fearing that he wouldn’t be able to sleep, she even went to tell him bedtime stories.

When his friends advised cherishing her little wife, Shen Yan Li sneered, and said, “She is just someone to past time. Will she be here without my money?”

Later, when Shen Yan Li could see and walk, Xu Ting disappeared from his world.

Everyone thought that the first thing that the talented director, Shen Yan Li would do after his comeback was to return to filming.

But, who would have known that he would participate in a live variety show, and stuck to the national sweetheart, Xu Ting, and said, “My wife, I was wrong, will you please come back home?”

Xu Ting looked up, and said, “Sorry, you have admitted the wrong person.”

“You are the star in the sky, I am the star chaser in the world”

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