Rebirth Of The Pampered Wife’s Daily Life [RPWDL]

Author: South Bloom
Genre: Modern
Tags: BG
Total chapters: 24 Chapters
Translator: nimi


In the past life, Xu Lang was a genius businessman, favored by immense luck, and Xia Teng was a powerful movie-queen, drowned in black material.

The two’s met once at a banquet.

After returning to the high school, Xu Lang found that underneath the cover of a Venus Flytrap was actually something very delicate.

A book with little drama and sweet-fluffy romance.

Latest Release: Chapter-12 [ Part-1 ] [ Part-2 ]

Table of Content

Chapter-1Chapter-11 (Stattuce)
Chapter-12 [ Part-1 ] [ Part-2 ]

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