The Counterattack Plan of A Villain With Ten Thousand Fans [CPVTTF]

Author: Never Ask
Genre: BL, Romance, QT
Total Chapters: 335 Chapters + 14 Extras
Translator: nimi


Before Ling ChuNan got disfigured everyone loved him.

After his disfigurement, Ling ChuNan realized he had become a plague that everyone wants to avoid.

Ling ChuNan was held as a prisoner by his own agent.

Because he had become so ugly that his looks were violating his agent’s aesthetic.

At the end of him, Ling ChuNan even had to chew himself to death because he was starving for many months.

When he died, a thing called itself to be the counterattack system 098 somehow found him.

After a long time, a certain system with the highest success rate left a message on the Forums.

“Emergency! Please help, my host is a masochist. He wants to eat meat in every meal, and if he doesn’t get meat, he will start to chew himself. Please tell me how to treat his self-harming illness?!”

Big Boss replied, “You don’t need to harm yourself. I have a super-fast recovering ability. I will let you bite me.”

Latest Release: Chapter-1, Part-2

Table of Content

Chapter-1, Part-1
Chapter-1, Part-2

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