CPVTTF: Chapter-18 Arc2 (Part-1)


The white space was empty without a thing.

“Host, congratulations on completing the first task. 1000 energy points were gained after completing the first world task and as a compensation for the unexpected changes in the task world, 2000 more points added to the host’s account.”

“The current total energy point in the host’s account is 30000 points. Please note, if the current energy point got less than 0 at any point, the host will be eliminated, and with each failure of task 1000 points will be deducted from the host’s account.”

098 added, “The system’s mall is open for purchase. Does the host want to purchase anything from it?”

Ling Chu Nan looked around and found there was an array of products lined in the mall, but after looking at the price, he stopped and said, “No, let’s start the next task.”

098 attitude became better towards Chu Nan after seeing him eager to do a task, “Great, Scanning the world begins now.”

Long Chu Nan awakened by a force of a sudden collision.

“Sorry A’Nan, a car suddenly showed up from the side. You could take a nap, we are still some distance away from the hotel.’

Long Chu Nan was very familiar with this voice because of which he got momentarily confused. 

After looking at the man in the driver’s seat, Ling Chu Nan’s pupils shrank and he took a deep breath.

This man was his agent, did he come back?

Ling Chu Nan’s throat suddenly felt very itchy and an intense desire for meat and blood came.

The system suddenly sounded, “Host, please become aware, your agent is looking at you.”

098 voice interrupted the bloodthirst in Ling Chu Nan’s eyes. 

Ling Chu Nan lowered his eyes and pretended to sleep, “What is going on? Is this my original world?”

098 replied, “The task world is selected randomly. This is an e-world which is somewhat similar to the host’s original world.”

After a moment, Ling Chu Nan said, “Send me the plot of this world.”

098 said, “Okay.”

This story is about the female lead from the entertainment industry and the male lead who was the president of ‘Haotian Entertainment’.

The female lead’s name is Yang Qing Ya, she entered the entertainment industry at the age of 18 and somehow slept with the president of the company. After two months, she went abroad when she found that she had become pregnant and came back after three years with a two-year-old son.

She was loved by many men throughout the plot because of her excellent looks. After experiencing many misunderstandings the male lead and female lead united. And she finally became the wife of Haotian Entertainment’s president. 

Ling Chu Nan’s role in this plot is indeed being a villain.

Li Chu Nan frowned and said, “I have never seen such an unfortunate villain like me.” 

From the starting to the end, Ling Chu Nan had never met the female lead, but the female lead was very much interested in him.

This interest was to the point of being fanatic about Ling Chu Nan. The female lead who had never looked at her own movie’s posters had added Chu Nan’s movie posters across her home and office like a prized possession.

The female lead’s interest in Ling Chu Nan was like a thorn in the heart of the female lead’s admirers. This was what that had created a tragic ending for him.

In the plot, Ling Chu Nan committed suicide two months after being splashed with sulfuric acid. The reason given was that he could not accept his distorted appearance.

The female lead became sad because of Ling Chu Nan’s death, and the male lead took this opportunity to help and heal the female lead’s heart with his love.

In the end, the female lead and male lead got together.

This was ridiculous.

It was the male lead who gave his agent that place to imprison him and blocked all news related to him. Then how could the male lead be unable to find him?

Ling Chu Nan snorted and said, “Where did we arrive?”

098 replied, “The female lead had just come back from abroad after three years. Yesterday, she had again signed with ‘Haotian Entertainment’.”

Ling Chu Nan asked, “What is my task?”

“Separating the male lead and female lead, destroying the male lead’s company, and bankrupting Wu Zi Chu. And punish Zhang Ye.”

Wu Zi Chu?

Wasn’t he the new entrepreneur who had poured the sulfuric acid at him? And Zhang Ye, that was his agent. 

Good, very good. 

The car stopped in the hotel’s parking lot, Zhang Ye opened the door for Ling Chu Nan and said, “A’Nan, wake up. We have arrived at the hotel.”

Ling Chu Nan adjusted his mood while smiling at his agent, he got off the car and said, “Let’s go through the schedule once.”

In this hotel, today is the audition for the movie directed by Chen Xian Lin. This movie had a mysterious investor who had invested hundreds of millions in it. 


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