The Powerful Minister’s Care [PMC]

Author: Yi Mu
Genre: Fantasy
Tags: BG
Total chapters: 87 Chapters
Translator: amuu


Being a Duke’s daughter, Song Yun Sang was very good but only had one bad habit, whenever she was angry or sad, her eyes became filled with tears.

Song Yun Sang always hated her soft and disobedient body. Until one day, when her father and younger brother were sent to the prison, she went to beg the commander, Pei Gu Jin.

Pei Gu Jin was cruel and cold, but Song Yun Sang unexpectedly discovered that he was afraid of women’s crying.

And, Song Yun Sang was only good at crying. 

So, Song Yun Sang tearfully grabbed Pei Gu Jin’s sleeves, and said, “The weather is cold and I am worried about my father’s old wounds, I just wanted to see him once…”

Pei Gu Jin couldn’t refuse but only took her to prison.

Song Yun Sang sobbed again and said, “My brother is only six years old, he is too young and innocent to live in a prison.” 

The next day, her younger brother was released from prison.

Once again, Song Yun Sang choked and said, “My father was in prison for two months…”

Pei Gu Jin looked impatiently at her, but he could only do what she wanted him to do in the end.

But after getting along for a long time, Song Yun Sang discovered that Pei Ji Jin, who was feared by everyone in the capital, was not afraid of women’s crying, only afraid of her crying.

Pei Gu Jin had loved Song Yun Sang since the first time he saw her in his previous life.

His love was too wild and paranoid which made Song Yun Sang afraid of him.

After his rebirth, Pei Gu Jin thought about letting go of his obsession and let her live happily without him. But, unexpectedly this time, she took the initiative to get close to him several times.

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