The Rich Little Stepdad [RLS]

Author: Orange Boat
Genre: Modern
Tags: BL
Total chapters: 84 Chapters
Translator: bigCat


Fang Li’s legs were broken by Yue Wen Xi’s older brother after Fang Li won against Yue Wenxi in a competition.

Fang Li was slapped by Yue Wen Xi’s second brother after Fang Li won first place in the exam.

Fang Li was framed and humiliated by Yue Wenxi’s third brother after being liked by someone Yue Wenxi liked. 

The person who had finally confessed to him mocked him and went to chase after Yue Wenxi.

After this, Fang Li couldn’t bear it, so he finally decided to fight against them, but was disfigured by Yue Wenxi’s brothers and tragically died full of grievances.

After rebirth, Fang Li knew that this world was in the comic world. And although he was a decent and able person, against Yue Wenxi and his brothers, Fang Li was mere cannon fodder.

This time, Fang Li was determined to get his revenge, so he worked very hard to marry the adoptive father of Yue Wenxi and his brothers, Yan Mo Yao. 

Yan Mo Yao was a rich and handsome man, but he had a reputation for being a wife-killer. None of his wives survived the marriage, and they died strangely.

After their marriage, Fang Li became the little stepdad of the brothers and received so much love that Yue Wenxi could only dream.

In the end, Fang Li gave birth to a real heir, and completely cut off Yue Wenxi’s three elder brothers’ path to inherit the Yan family’s property.

Latest Release: Chapter-1

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