Saving The Black Immortal Venerable

SBIV: Chapter-3

PREV | CONTENT | NEXT In the book, when Nangong Xuan was regarded as worthless and was being bullied by the Nangong family, only a little girl had helped him.  When Dongfang Li retired from the marriage contract with Nangong Xuan, he was severely humiliated by Dongfang Li’s admirers.  The young girl, Yun Gui fought …

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SBIV: Chapter-2

PREV | CONTENT | NEXT Nangong Xuan held the vine in one hand and with the other, he held Dongfang Li and climbed upward. The two of them drifted up like immortal couples.  Mu Yun Gui was left alone under the cliff, and because of a sudden shock, the stone under her feet collapsed. Mu …

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SBIV: Chapter-1

PREV | CONTENT | NEXT Four thousand and twenty-five years, Tianjue Island. The waves were continuously slapping against the steep rock wall creating sound. The blue sea and dazzling sun were making people’s eyes dizzy. However, what was happening on the shore was completely different from the dazzling seascape.  While holding a sword, Mu Yun …

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