I Became the Disabled Tyrant of the Future [IBDTF]

Alternate Name: 我养成了未来残疾暴君
Author: Fox Raccoon
Tags: Fantasy, BG
Total chapters: 176 Chapters
Translator: littleFlowerX


Born in the prestigious Jiang family, with charming eyes, Jiang Lao was born with wealth, beauty, and backing.

The Ninth Prince had disabled legs, and been sick for many years, with a distorted temperament, and was a vicious monster in the eyes of everyone.

After the successful capture, he cleaned up all the people who had offended him before, with ruthless means – including Jiang Lao.

Knowing about the funeral in her dream, Jiang Lao was so afraid, she just wanted to stay away from that absurd and tyrannical man.

Unexpectedly, in the cold winter, she still met him on a narrow road.

The future’s cold-blooded, high-powered man was just a weak young man now who had yet to grow up. He was wearing thin clothes in the heavy snowy winter and looked pitiful and well-behaved.

After staring at him for a long time, Jiang Lao hesitated between leaving or staying.
After thinking about it a thousand times, finally, after hearing the painful sigh full of endurance from the pale-faced young man, she turned her head and stretched out her hand towards him.

Rong Ming was born and lost his mother. Since childhood, he never had any protection.

At the age of thirteen, he was seriously injured and was abandoned to the countryside, where he fought for himself.

Just as he was lingering and panting and was about to starve to death in the snowy winter, a pair of small hands trembled in front of him.

In the endless loneliness and darkness, there was one person who pulled him out.
Since then, she had become a hot brand on his heart, a deep obsession, wanting to grasp, want to entangle.

Since then, he was willing to die and live for her.

(The cute female & the paranoid male, sweet pet, and perfect match.)

{Chapters are split in Translation.}

Latest Release: Chapter-3

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