The Transmigrated Li Jin’s Daily Farming Life [TLJDFL]

Author: 回眸已半夏
Genre: Fantasy
Tags: BL
Total Chapters: 160 Chapters
Translator: bigCat


When Li Jin crossed to this strange world, he came to know that his ‘wife’ was in childbirth.

When he entered the room, he noticed that his ‘wife’ was a man!!!

As a doctor, would there be anything more traumatizing than this in a world?!

Li Jin saw a man speedily rushing towards him and said, “Li Jin, your wife is having trouble giving birth to the child, he wasn’t able to push the child anymore!”

Dystocia was known as “one complication, taking two lives of the mother and child”.

Without giving another thought, Li Jin rushed into the confinement room. He was an obstetrician before crossing over

After crossing over, Dr. Li, who was respected for his remarkable medical skills, became a ‘boneless man’ who always relied on his ‘wife’ for a living.

Latest Release: Chapter-19 [Part-1] [Part-2] [Part-3]

Table of Content

Chapter-1 [ Part-1 ] [ Part-2 ]
Chapter-2 [ Part-1 ] [ Part-2 ]
Chapter-3 [ Part-1 ] [ Part-2 ]
Chapter-4 [ Part-1 ] [ Part-2 ]
Chapter-5 [ Part-1 ] [ Part-2 ]
Chapter-6 [ Part-1 ] [ Part-2 ]
Chapter-7 [ Part-1 ] [ Part-2 ]
Chapter-8 [ Part-1 ] [ Part-2 ]
Chapter-9 [Part-1] [Part-2] [Part-3]
Chapter-10 [Part-1] [Part-2]
Chapter-11 [Part-1] [Part-2]
Chapter-12 [Part-1] [Part-2] [Part-3]
Chapter-13 [Part-1] [Part-2] [Part-3]
Chapter-14 [Part-1] [Part-2] [Part-3]
Chapter-15 [Part-1] [Part-2] [Part-3] [Part-4]
Chapter-16 [Part-1] [Part-2] [Part-3]
Chapter-17 [Part-1] [Part-2] [Part-3]
Chapter-18 [Part-1] [Part-2] [Part-3]
Chapter-19 [Part-1] [Part-2] [Part-3]
Chapter-20 [Part-1] [Part-2] [Part-3]
Chapter-21 [Part-1] [Part-2] [Part-3]
Chapter-22 [Part-1] [Part-2] [Part-3]

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