The Old Enemy Turned Sweet And Sticky [OESS]

Author: Feng Jiu
Genre: Modern
Tags: BL
Total chapters: 56 Chapters + 8 Extras
Translator: bigCat


Shao Xian had returned to his childhood and found his old enemy who was miserable. He wanted to personally train his enemy, so that when his enemy grew up then he wouldn’t think of fighting against him.

Surprisingly, this old enemy turned out to be sweet and sticky after being taken care of by him. The only problem with this sweet little enemy was, his enemy was too insecure and cried very often in front of him.

Shao Xian died abruptly in a car accident on his way to attend a bid. Shao Xian thought Fu Bai Zhou would be happy to win the bid without his opposition. 

In Yan City, Fu Bai Zhou was known for being merciless. And only one person ever dared to confront him.

After re-opening his eyes, Shao Xian found that he was wearing a custom-made suit and was celebrating his tenth birthday.

After the party, Shao Xian went to the back garden and saw a little boy covered in dirt. The boy was looking pitiful and was being ridden like a horse by other children.

He instantly remembered the gossip from his previous life. It was a tragic story about the childhood of a cruel man surnamed Fu…

Latest Release: Chapter-1 [ Part-1 ] [ Part-2 ]

Table of Content

Chapter-1 [ Part-1 ] [ Part-2 ]
Chapter-2 [ Part-1 ] [ Part-2 ]

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