This Male Was Forced To Support His Family(Zerg) [MWFSHF]

This Male Was Forced To Support His Family
Alternate Name: 这只雄虫被迫养家[虫族]
Author: I’m pregnant
Genre: Fantasy, BL
Total chapters: 122 Chapters
Translator: bigCat


Gu Yu, the shame of a famous Zerg male, only had a lifelong dream to be a rice worm who only ate and waited for death.

So, he married a female, Lu Chen, the youngest major general in the empire, at the age of twenty.

The female was responsible for going to the battlefield to support the family, and he was responsible for lying at home, eating, and doing nothing.

His life was peaceful and beautiful, until one day…

His female partner returned from the battlefield but was severely wounded, her legs were paralyzed and she was forced to retire from the military.

In other words, the pillar of his family became unemployed!

The Male Conservation Association knocked on his door and said, “Dear male, we are deeply sorry for your female’s misfortune.”

“But for the sake of your happiness in the rest of your life, we suggest that you immediately marry a few rich and powerful females to take care of yourself.”

“This is a list of females who are urged to sign up…”

Gu Yu glanced at his poor kitchen and sighed deeply.

It seems…

He couldn’t be a rice worm anymore, he had to go out to work and take on the task of supporting his family!

Therefore, the soft rice male worm accidentally entered the military headquarters and became the first male marshal of the empire.

He even accidentally subverted the cognition of the worms and refreshed the history of the zerg.

All the jealous females, “The female who lives in the Marshal’s house and does nothing. Just lay at home and eat soft rice every day!”

{Chapters are split in Translation.}

Latest Release: Chapter-3

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