Rebirth-First Class Magician [RFCM]

Mu Yuan was a third-rate magician, who had tragically died, was then reborn. Despite he had to sell his soul in exchange for a body. This was not much of a bad deal, his new identity as a bloodsucker…

The Resolute Cannon Fodder Teaching In Ancient Time [RCFTAT]

Xu Zhen saved a little beggar and picked her up. Xu Zhen tried to treat the little beggar with love and respect in every possible way.

The Transmigrated Li Jin’s Daily Farming Life [TLJDFL]

When Li Jin crossed to this strange world, he came to know that his ‘wife’ was in a child’s birth. When he entered the room, he noticed that his ‘wife’ was a man!!!

What To Do With A Pair of Kittens [WDWPK]

A Weibo post suddenly became very popular, “Your Beloved Fu Yu Qian is actually a Cat Killer,” it appeared on a forum, and Fu Yu Qian fans quickly clicked on it.

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